Behind-the-Scenes Video for Flight School

We are excited and proud to release a behind-the-scenes video from the Flight School editorial shoot by Daily News Project. Filmed and edited by Alex Viau, we would like thank all of you who have supported and believed in the brand from the beginning; can't begin to express the gratitude we have. Flight School isn’t necessarily about ‘flight’ in the literal sense; it’s about a personal journey, taking a leap into the unknown, and building a legacy for your own self.

A Moment With: Goldroom

Born from the simplicity of emotive choruses and lush electronic ornaments, Goldroom has transformed into a fascinating tale of modern music culture; a nostalgic romance of tropical textures and soulful rhythms. With a full length album already in the works, you can rest assured that this remarkable tale will find you on a steady hunt for the dance floor. We recently sat down with the Los Angeles-based music producer and songwriter; read his "A Moment With" feature here to find out what he's been up to.

Pique Toronto x Daily News Project

PIQUE aims to showcase talent from across the city of Toronto by producing short video clips featuring the work of creative individuals. It is a project that profiles 100 artists that range from singers, rappers, designers, dancers, and painters, to name a few. We are pleased to announce that Guillaume Viau, founder and creative director of Daily News Project, was selected by PIQUE as a featured artist for his work as both as DJ and designer. Check out the preview below, and stay tuned for the release of the video.