Jasmine Thompson

London-born singer/songwriter Jasmine Thompson was first noticed at the age of just 13 for her YouTube videos covering various songs, including "Let Her Go" by Passenger, "Halo" by Beyoncé, and "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit, to name a few. After racking up millions of views and subscribers on her channel, Thompson began receiving regular radio airplay on the BBC. 

In September of 2013 she self-released her debut album, Bundle of Tantrums, around the same time her cover of Chaka-Khan's "Ain't Nobody" was used in an advertising campaign for the U.K. supermarket chain Sainsbury's and soon climbed the British charts. She followed the album just a month later with an EP release titled Under the Willow Tree. 

Thompson has also collaborated with artists in the dance/EDM community, most notably with German DJ/producers Robin Schulz, who enlisted her to sing on his 2014 track "Sun Goes Down," and Felix Jaehn for "Ain't Nobody (Loves Me Better)" in 2015. Both songs went multi-platinum around the world and have racked up over 500M streams on Spotify and over 500M views on Youtube.

Most recently, she worked with Australian-born Thomas Jack on "Rise Up,” and DJ Vice for "Steady 1234," which she jumped on with Skizzy Mars. With over 3.5M monthly listeners on Spotify, 2.5M subscribers on her Youtube Channel and nearly 2M fans between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Jasmine has built an astonishing audience. 2017 will likely be a break out year for the London native as she prepares to invade the US having inked a major deal with Atlantic Records (Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Wiz Khalifa). 

London, UK

October 2016



Daily News: What does a typical day look like for you?

Jasmine: I basically have two different types of day: touring and at home. When I’m on tour, I usually spend most of the day travelling, hanging out backstage with the band and crew, and then performing. If I’m at home in London, then I split my time working on music and seeing friends.

Daily News: What projects have you recently been working on?

Jasmine: I have recently released a couple of collaborations with EDM producers Thomas Jack and Vice. At the moment, I am focusing on finishing up an EP that’s going to be released early next year. I’m spending a lot of time working out the creative direction of my project and meeting with lots of creativesI would like to work with. 

Daily News: What was the inspiration for your career route?

Jasmine: it has all happened pretty naturally to be honest. When I was ten, I started a YouTube account and didn’t really think about what it could lead to, I just liked making cover videos. Since my management team found me, they have been helping me develop this passion into a career. 

Daily News: What do you find most challenging and exciting about your career?

Jasmine: I think the biggest challenge is to keep the ball rolling, but that is also the fun part.  I am naturally always working on new music, so this is not always a huge challenge. I can hardly call what I do ‘work’ since it’s what I truly love doing and I’m extremely grateful that I get to go on tour and perform songs that have personal meaning to me.


Daily News: How do you manage a healthy work/life balance?

Jasmine: I surround myself with positive people, both in work and home-life. I know that the people I work with have my back and they give the time to be like every other teen. I love my work, but I love seeing my friends when there’s any spare moment of the day. I think this keeps me grounded. Having my mum on the road with me helps too.

Daily News: What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?

Jasmine: Each show seems to get better and better, each day gets brighter and brighter. It’s been a constant thing for me to take life in little steps. As long as I am progressing then I feel like I am achieving.

Daily News: Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?

Jasmine: Making music and touring, that’s it. I want to spend my life making music that will make other people feel things. I also have a dream of living in a big house with a group of mates in LA.

Daily News: Do you have any advice for other young professionals?

Jasmine: I wish I had something inspiring to say to people who want to achieve their dreams.  Simply, if you truly care about something, get up and do it. There are opportunities everywhere if you make the time and effort to find them.  Good things will come from working hard.



Daily News: Where is your favourite place to dine in your city and why?

Jasmine: One of my friend’s families owns an Italian restaurant in Green Park. So we meet there a lot and get free food haha! It’s amazing because we never eat anywhere fancy apart from there, so it’s the one time we feel grown up. Otherwise, it’s Nando’s.

Daily News: What’s your most treasured possession?

Jasmine: I have a lot of small things that represent members of my family or countries that I have been to. I also have so many backstage passes from concerts. When I have my own house, I think I’ll fill one room with all of my treasures.

Daily News: Who’s one person you think everyone should be following on social media?

Jasmine: Willow Smith is an absolute social media goddess.  She talks about important problems and generally just sends out a positive vibe to her followers.  I always forget how young she is because she seems incredibly creative and thoughtful.

Daily News: If you could be in someone else’s shoes for a day, who would it be?

Jasmine: There are so many people that I would love to see what goes on inside their heads. I’d probably be a monk for a day to see what it feels like to be so at peace.


Daily News: What’s your favourite country to visit and why?

Jasmine: I really love travelling, so it’s impossible to pick a favourite.  I’d probably say Italy because I love the language and the food.

Daily News: What is your greatest fear?

Jasmine: I am completely terrified of not being able to make music one day. I think I would feel extremely lost and trapped without music.  Also, spiders are hideous.

Daily News: What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Jasmine: I can spend ages flipping through magazines, just staring at clothes and faces.

Daily News: And lastly, what does success look like to you?

Jasmine: The meaning of success is different for everyone.  Some people think success is having lots of money or being famous. For me, I just want to have a healthy mind and spend the rest of my life making music surrounded by people I care about.  If I can tour, make music and make people feel good with my music, I’ll be happy with myself.