Pat Lok, September 2014

Vancouver's own Pat Lok has been making noise with productions regularly appearing in the playlists of DJs and tastemakers worldwide. His latest singles "Move Slow" and "Same Hearts" have received critical acclaim, respectively premiering on Thump and landing iTunes' features. In 2013, his Cashmere Cat and Justin Timberlake club reworks, and original single "Remember" found BBC Radio One airplay, as well as a disco-tinged AlunaGeorge bootleg endorsed by the band and cracking 200,000 plays on Soundcloud.

The last year has seen him bring his sound to dancefloors across the globe, making appearances in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, London, at Barcelona's legendary Razzmatazz and completing tours of Mexico and the United States Eastern seaboard.

Vancouver, BC

DJ, Music Producer


DNP: What does a typical day look like for you?

Pat: Hit snooze a few times. Roll over and knock the bag of spicy Cheetos on the floor, delete some tweets, pop open Ableton. Work in bed for 30 min to all morning. Hopefully leave the house before 11am. Get to the cafe, more Ableton. Maybe get in a run if I feel like a fat turd. Gossip with music buddies online. Drink whiskey in the evening. I should probably be the next James Bond.

DNP: What projects are you currently working on?

Pat: Right now I'm on Project "First World Tan en la Playa." Playing shows in Mexico with my friend AIMES and FM Attack then off to El Salvador to bum around. Got some remixes (including Todd Edwards' latest project) and my next single in the can (on Mani:Pedi - Cyclist and Karl Kling's new label) and working on more originals.

DNP: You've recently released your new single, "Move Slow." Can you give us a little insight behind the track?

Pat: It sounds cliche but the chords sort of popped in my head when I was having a rough day and feeling sorry for myself so I had to get the idea down quickly before forgetting it. The beat came together quickly compared to my other stuff and I asked someone I met at an open mic to sing on it. The real meaning behind the song is a deep dark secret though.

DNP: How do you approach your originals and how do you go about choosing your collaborators?

Pat: I am usually down to collaborate with anyone whose music I like - obviously vocalists lend themselves to the process a little easier than others but that's mainly a process thing... My collabs with Cyclist and Laberge in the past were really fun to work on.

DNP: Where does your passion derive from? And in what way(s) does Vancouver influence you as an artist?

Pat: Vancouver is this amazing cornucopia of cultures and of culture. People love to hate on it but there's always some scene or party or performance flying under the radar somewhere that is just rad if you are open to it. One example is the Chapel Sound crew who I met recently through my friend Sadgirl, they are doing serious things musically and have this killer community family vibe too, one of them (Ekali) recently did a remix for me that I'm excited to share.

Looking back, many of my close friends come from all different continents and I think that inclined me towards being curious about new and unfamiliar things, which probably feeds back into my music as a producer/DJ.


DNP: How was collaborating with fellow locals Bear Mountain on "Same Hearts?"

Pat: Ian and Greg are the best bros! I actually saw them for the first time destroy at Sasquatch last year, then we met a couple months later (the same day I met you) in Toronto when we were all playing NXNE. They are so talented and chill, it was easy to show up in their studio with a beat and listen to them do their thing. Coming off Move Slow, I wish all collaborations were this easy.

DNP: What is something you wish you had invented?

Pat: The horizontal can opener that allows you to open cans without getting tetanus.

DNP: Whose your celebrity crush?

Pat: Helen Mirren is a strong argument for the invention of time machines.

DNP: What's the most borderline illegal thing you've ever done?

Pat: Well I've done some illegal things but maybe the most innocuous non story I can tell happened last summer in Croatia. I was with some friends and there were a bunch of kids playing water polo or something in the sea and one of them wasn't into it, so he was just reading a paperback standing maybe 3 feet deep in the ocean with his back turned to all of his friends which I thought was the coolest thing. So, I Instagrammed it... but then someone was like – "You know that's a girl, right? They just don’t wear swimsuits here until like 18, who takes photos of kids swimming," etc, etc… so it was awkward. Is that the kind of story you were looking for?