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Russell Simmons - Success Through Stillness

Russell Simmons, known as the godfather of hip-hop, recently took to MindBodyGreen to discuss the reason(s) he started to like early-morning meditation better than late-night drinking. Growing up in Hollis, Queens, long before the world started calling him the "music mogul," he adopted the nickname "Rush" - because "back then it seemed like nothing could hold my attention for more than a few minutes at a time." This all changed when he was able to slow down and see that his success had always been in those moments of stillness that he'd experienced. And that the more he could access that stillness, then the more happiness and success he could experience. 

For more on the story, reprinted from his New York Time's bestselling book Success Through Stillness, check out MindBodyGreen. Enjoy!

I had to do a lot of damage before I finally accepted that I liked early-morning meditation better than late-night drinking.

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