Founded in 2014 by Toronto-based brothers Guillaume & Alex Viau – Daily News Project is a high-end lifestyle brand and design agency.

We enjoy being creative in different ways, always keeping things simple and fresh, as it keeps the motivation high and allows for new ideas to flourish.


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No Love x Hypebeast

We recently collaborated on the No Love LEGO Heart with New York twin design-duo Dee and Ricky, and are proud to announce that they are now available for purchase in black and/or red on Hypebeast.

Dee and Ricky Jackson came into the fashion world with relative ease and rapidity. The brothers’ success was largely based off of their LEGO brooches, which were hailed as innovative, creative and refreshing at the time of their release. These brooches also caught the attention of certain tastemakers in the industry, and soon, everyone from the likes of Marc Jacobs to Kanye West were singing the praises of the Staten Island duo.

The Doppelgangers finally meet!!

Tonight, by Michael Gorda