Founded in 2014 by Toronto-based brothers Guillaume & Alex Viau – Daily News Project is a high-end lifestyle brand and design agency.

We enjoy being creative in different ways, always keeping things simple and fresh, as it keeps the motivation high and allows for new ideas to flourish.


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Revamped Green Mile

From the creative minds of BIRDSMediaArt,  Kemar Minott and Oliver J. Stewart bring us another amazing conceptualized video, titled "Green Mile". It's an astonishing journey through the eyes of an almost drugged out hallucinatory perspective of the protagonist, as he wields a heavy-powered rifle with a faceless siren drawing him and us the viewer ever so nearer. These good friends of ours from Florida are way ahead of the game. Check them out and support our brothers.  Follow them on their respective Instagram pages... oliverjpro and newl3gacy

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