Flight School Releases Remix of "Honest" by The Chainsmokers

Flight School is a music project I have been working on with fellow Canadian DJ and producer, Conor Cutz, to release original content. Since our first remix, we have garnered over 300,000 plays including reposts by friends and superstars The Chainsmokers. We recently approached their management to ask for the stems to "Honest," one of our favourite songs from their Memories... Do Not Open album, and couldn't wait to work on it once they sent them through.

I'm excited to finally get to share this remix with you all. It was an incredible song to work with and couldn't be happier with the response we've been getting. Ever since I started DJing back in University, my homie Brendan Fallis would forward me The Chainsmokers' latest songs that they would send him over email. The idea never crossed my mind at the time, but it quickly became a dream of mine to one day release my own music. This is our 3rd release under Flight School in the last few months, and hope you enjoy what we've done with it! Check it out above, and leave a comment on Soundcloud to let us know what you think.