Strange Adventures was introduced by Daily News Project and Los Angeles-based DJ duo The Chainsmokers as a limited edition capsule collection inspired by the art of simplicity and Japanese aesthetic.

Daily News Project oversaw the collaboration from start to finish in order to create a strong, bold, and energetic vibe well-balanced with a graphically driven design philosophy.

The collection is sold out. It was made available for purchase exclusively via our online shop in black, cream and white colourways in April of 2016.


"When you have no other choice but to let go of all inhibitions,
and let yourself fall upward toward the skies."


"Simplified Graphics"

We have simplified the graphics to pay homage to Japanese design that aligns with the contemporary aesthetic core of our brand, Daily News Project.

As we move forward with the Japanese lettering and 'Strange Adventures' concept, the 'circle' is intended to bring the elements together by solidifying the visual style as a whole.

Overall, we believe this system creates strong consistency with respect to the visual language that both target audiences can understand, appreciate, and own.